Response & Prevention Counseling

"We closed this case this morning in court by way of plea. The ADA told the judge during the plea that your psychosexual evaluation was the most comprehensive and impressive evaluation his office had seen before. So I will definitely be using you again in the future. I think we closed the case very favorably this morning." - Mike Jacobs, Defense Attorney

Owner/Evaluator: Hayley Entrekin, EdD, LPC, ATSAF, CPCS

Dr. Entrekin has been working with juveniles and adults with a history of atypical sexual behaviors, sexually harmful behavior, and/or sexual offenses since 2000. She has been completing psychosexual and/or risk assessment evaluations for those accused/convicted of a sexual offense for over 10 years. She worked as a clinical evaluator for the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board completing sexual risk assessments from December 2010 until May 2019 where she completed over 3,000 risk assessments. She is the current President of the Georgia chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers for 2018-2019. She also has extensive experience with substance abuse and is a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor.

Below are the services provided:

  • (Mobile*) Comprehensive psychosexual evaluations (pre-trial, post-adjudication/conviction, and post-sentencing/disposition). This includes testing and interviews. A review of collateral documentation is required that will include, but is not limited to school records, court/law enforcement records, and treatment records. Ages 10 to 19
  • (mobile*) Adolescent substance abuse evaluations
  • Consultation services regarding children, adolescents, and adults who have a history of sexually harmful behaviors
  • Expert testimony
  • Training for professionals

*Mobile generally means at a local DJJ or DFCS office, attorneys office, other agency, or another secluded space. Currently Dr. Entrekin has an office in Avondale Estates, Georgia; however, mobile services are still available.

Call/email for fees. Insurance is NOT billed. Sliding scale fees can be discussed.