In addition to the "response" services offered, the following "prevention" services are available upon request:


Hayley Entrekin has been a certified radKIDS instructor since 2012.

radKIDS is the national leader in children's safety. radKIDS is brought to children and parents by the training and development of nationally certified instructors drawn from their own communities. By empowering a community with certified local instructors, the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education package is not just a program but a true gift to the community.

What radKIDS Does

radKIDS® does not tell your child what we hope they will do, we actually teach, train and empower children with real skills so they can recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary escape violence or harm in their lives. Education is the only thing that can change fear into power and radKIDS® can and does give children opportunity and power to live safer in our world today.

radKIDS Curriculum topics include:

Home, School and Vehicle Safety

Out and About Safety

Realistic Defense Against Abduction

Good-Bad-Uncomfortable Touch and more.

Stranger Tricks (including Physical Defense against Abduction)

Self-realization of personal power

The program consists of four 2 hour classes, which can occur during one weeks time or over four weekends. This program is for 5 to 12 year old children.

For more information: West Ga radKIDS information

Internet Safety Consultation for parents and adolescents

It is difficult to keep up with and navigate through all the dangers on the internet. Dr. Entrekin provides consultation to help parents/guardians keep their children safe and help teens navigate the online world safely.